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The ASA Council is the primary governing body and is responsible for the formulation of policy and general direction of the affairs of the Association. The Council is composed of nineteen members which includes seven ex-officio members and twelve members elected at-large.  

2019-2020 ASA Council

President: Christine Williams, University of Texas-Austin
President-Elect: Aldon Morris, Northwestern University
Vice President: Joya Misra, University of Massachusetts-Amherst
Vice President-Elect: Rhacel Salazar Parreñas, University of Southern California. 
Past-Vice President: Grace Kao, Yale University
Past-President: Mary Romero, Arizona State University
Secretary: Nancy López, University of New Mexico
Executive Officer: Nancy Kidd
Kimberly Ann Goyette, Temple University (2020)
Erin Kelly, MIT (2020)
Zulema Valdez, University of California-Merced (2020)
Rhys H. Williams, Loyola University Chicago (2020)
Kelly H. Chong, University of Kansas (2021)
Wendy Leo Moore, Texas A&M University (2021)
Jennifer Reich, University of Colorado-Denver (2021)
Sara Shostak, Brandeis University (2021)
Ruha Benjamin, Princeton University (2022)
Laura Hamilton, University of California, Merced (2022)
Maria Krysan, University of Illinois at Chicago (2022)
Vincent Roscigno, Ohio State University (2022)

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