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May/June 2020

ASA’s COVID-19 Resources for Sociologists

Covid-19 ResourcesSince March, ASA has been developing and collecting resources to support sociologists in their work during this crisis. On ASA’s COVID-19 Resources for Sociologists page, you can find a variety of resources which are being updated on a regular basis. Specifically:

ASA Advocacy. This section of the webpage has the various advocacy statements and letters ASA has circulated to support the efforts of students, faculty, and institutions of higher education during this period.

ASA Webinars. Here you can access recordings of webinars on supporting student mental health and best practices for online teaching, as well as recordings of recent forums for students, chairs, and directors of graduate studies.

Teaching and Advising. In this section, you will find resources to support your work with students. For example, TRAILS, ASA’s online peer-reviewed library of teaching resources in sociology, is temporarily open to all. You will also find links to ASA’s Sociological Insights videos, the Contexts blog, and The Society Pages, all of which are rich with teaching resources.

Resources for Students. In addition to some of the resources listed above, here you will find links to pieces that address how the pandemic has affected students and provide resources to support graduate and undergraduate students.

Research in ASA Journals. In collaboration with ASA journal editors and SAGE, we have identified existing articles in ASA journals that provide sociological insights on understanding, responding to, and coping with the pandemic. The articles are open to all. You will also find a call for papers on COVID-19 from the Journal of Health and Social Behavior.

COVID-19 Projects Initiated by Sociologists. Sociologists are responding to the pandemic and its consequences in creative ways. They are collecting data, creating interdisciplinary research collaborations, compiling resources, and supporting their communities. On this crowdsourced spreadsheet, you can find the range of projects that sociologists are undertaking.

Sociologists in the News. News outlets are turning to sociologists on a wide variety of topics related to COVID-19. In this section, you will find a crowdsourced list of pieces authored by sociologists as well as those by journalists citing sociologists.

Additional Research and Resources. Here you will find resources from leading organizations focused on social scientific approaches to COVID-19 such as the Social Science Research Council, Consortium of Social Science Associations, National Science Foundation (NSF), and the Societal Experts Action Network (SEAN), established by the National Academies with support from the NSF.