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September-November 2020

Call for Applications: Classes for the ASA TRAILS Teaching Seminar Program

Does your department offer a seminar that provides training on best teaching practices for graduate students? ASA is seeking applications for the ASA TRAILS Teaching Seminar program. This program is designed to integrate the ASA’s Teaching Resources and Innovations Library for Sociology (TRAILS) into graduate teaching training seminars. This program will help you enhance the learning process for graduate students and advance the scholarship of teaching and learning in sociology. Applications are now being accepted for Spring 2021. 

Students in participating seminars will receive free access to TRAILS for six months, irrespective of ASA membership. As part of the course, they will develop materials that they will then submit to TRAILS, giving them firsthand experience with the peer review process. Prior to submitting, they will get to speak with members of the TRAILS editorial team and learn about what makes a good TRAILS publication, how to submit, and what peer review involves. Once submitted, their materials will be fast-tracked through the review process.

Requirements for any participating course:

  • The course is a graduate level teaching seminar.
  • The course plan/syllabus includes a structured plan for students to familiarize themselves with resources in at least one subject area or one pedagogical approach.
  • Students in the course prepare at least one teaching resource for possible submission to TRAILS.
  • Course instructors review a first draft of student teaching materials and provide feedback for revision prior to students’ submitting their materials to TRAILS.
  • Professor participates in on-ramping conversation with TRAILS editor Gregory Kordsmeier.

Preferred elements for participating courses:

  • The course plan/syllabus for the graduate seminar is well designed and reflects best practices in scholarly teaching.
  • Students in the courses are given an opportunity to test the effectiveness of the teaching activities they develop.
  • The courses selected to participate in the ASA TRAILS Teaching Seminar reflect the broad range of graduate institutions and include a diverse student body.

Send applications to by December 1, 2020. Please include a cover letter that addresses requirements and preferred elements for participating courses, plus a course plan/syllabus (draft acceptable) and related assignments as needed. We anticipate accepting 4 to 5 courses in the Spring 2021 semester.