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September-November 2020

Research Snapshot: Which Concentrations Are Offered in Sociology Departments? 

This summer’s news has been dominated by discussions of policing and public health. Which experts are best situated to discuss whether funds should be moved from police departments to social services, or how best to address the spread of disease through social contact? We found that sociology departments frequently have concentrations within their degree programs that prepare students to answer exactly these questions. This research snapshot draws from data collected last fall as part of the ASA survey of sociology departments. Of the 438 responding sociology departments, 30% offer a concentration as a part of their sociology curriculum. A concentration in criminology or criminal justice is offered by almost half of these departments, and over a third offer concentrations in inequality and diversity, including race/ethnicity and gender. Medical sociology, a growing area within the discipline, is a concentration offered by nearly 20% of responding departments. About 11% of the departments offer more unique concentrations such as sociology of recreation, education, social psychology, media, and disasters. 

Source: ASA Survey of Sociology Departments, 2019

Source: ASA Survey of Sociology Departments, 2019