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Department Leaders

ASA offers a variety of services and information useful to department chairs and administrators of sociology programs in colleges and universities.

Department Affiliates

The Department Affiliates Program provides a department-level link between academic institutions and the American Sociological Association.

Michele Lamont’s comments on the Department Affiliates Program:

“The past year has been marked by increasing political polarization, proliferating hate crimes, and rising economic inequality. As a department leader, you know that delivering on the promise of sociology in these difficult times requires strong sociology programs and a strong national association backing them up.  For that reason, I’m writing to ask you to make sure that your department is a part of the ASA’s Department Affiliates Program.” Read the entire letter (.pdf).

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Department Leaders' Toolbox

ASA has curated and compiled useful resources on a wide range of topics of interest to department chairs and administrators. These include materials on: program review, assessment, maintaining a healthy climate, ideas for department renewal, student recruitment, connecting with other department chairs, managing joint departments, and assessing your library's sociology collection.

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ASA Program Reviewers and Consultants

ASA Program Reviewers and Consultants (formerly the Department Resources Group [DRG]) is a group of trained and experienced sociologists who assist departments with a wide variety of needs, including:

  • program reviews
  • curriculum development
  • assessment
  • department retreats
  • teaching workshops

In addition, the Department Leaders Mentoring Program is available to assist individuals who have taken on a leadership role in the department, such as department chair, division coordinator, or graduate studies director.

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ASA Store

The ASA store offers a wide range of publications to assist departments with curriculum development, assessment, developing service learning and internship courses, graduate student socialization, and preparing future faculty.

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MCAT and Sociology

Starting in 2015, the new MCAT (Medical College Admission Test) will include a required section on the social and behavioral sciences. 30 percent of that section is specifically about sociology. This may mean that pre-medical curricula across the country will start requiring Introduction to Sociology, as well as Introduction to Psychology. It certainly means that there will be increasing numbers of pre-med students in sociology classes.

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Department Leaders Preconference

New and current department leaders at all types of academic institutions are invited to attend the ASA Department Leaders Preonference at the ASA Annual Meeting. Suitable for both chairs and directors of graduate studies, the conference explores the challenges facing sociology departments in the changing higher education landscape and offers practical supports related to academic department leadership. Topics rotate annually. 

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